New mist-air® dust suppression system brings health & safety benefits to AM Recycling

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New mist-air® dust suppression system brings health & safety benefits to AM Recycling

Leading UK recycling plant, AM Recycling, has invested in a state-of-the-art dust suppression system to improve the working environment for operatives at its North Wales site.

Part of the Allan Morris Group, AM Recycling has installed the innovative mist-air® system which creates fog particles to attract and suppress dust and odours, without floors, materials, machinery, stock and personnel becoming wet.

More than 100,000 tonnes of waste paper is sorted, processed, bailed and stored at the AM Recycling site each year.

Terry Axon, Managing Director, said: “Dust in the atmosphere is a key issue for a recycling plant like ours. As a company, it is crucial that we implement technologies that will provide a healthier and cleaner working environment for our employees.

“The mist-air system is a win-win for us. Our employees benefit and there is no impact on the processes being carried out on site.”

The mist-air system has been installed at more than 5,500 recycling sites across Europe and is deemed to be one of the most advanced and reliable on the market today. It turns small amounts of water into a micro-fine fog which is distributed to fans throughout working areas. The fog floats in the air and is attracted to dust particles as they form, suppressing rising dust, preventing it from becoming airborne and causing it to settle.

The system is ideal for use in areas where dust extraction is not possible or affordable and can be adapted and retro-fitted to any type or size of operation. It does not require a water storage tank or compressor and only uses a small amount of water and electricity.

mist-air can help to prevent flash explosions caused by igniting airborne dust and incorporates a sanitising system to protect against Legionella, enhancing safety even further at AM Recycling.