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Allan Morris Transport has established itself as a leading supplier of bulk haulage solutions. We specialise in moving floor trailers that are suited to a wide range of bulk materials. As well as bulk products, our moving floor trailers regularly transport bagged, baled and palletised products. 

The versatility of our fleet allows us to provide bespoke collection, transport and delivery solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Our core market sectors are quarry haulage, paper, wood & plastics recycling, and Pro Fuels. Our philosophy is one of ongoing investment and continual improvement in the business and we continue to invest in tracking and planning technology, vehicles and quality recruitment.

We place constant emphasis on building strong long-term relationships with our clients. In recent years, we have strived to reduce our environmental impact by investing in the latest engine technology and using advanced fleet management to reduce fuel consumption.


Meet our Fleet


We operate one of the largest bulk tipper contracts in the UK and specialise in operating moving floor trailers. This company is focussed exclusively on providing dedicated sorting, baling and storage services for the recycling sector.


We have worked closely with the recycling sector for more than 20 years, working in partnership with some of Europe’s leading re-processors.


The Cardboard collection service is a “free on demand” service, but it comes with conditions, caged skip system, making collections easier and quicker.

Moving Floors

Extremely versatile, enabling us to transport a wide range of recyclable products and return the manufactured product with the same trailer.

About us

We have a reputation for providing bulk haulage and warehousing to meet our customers requirements.